Gift List

One gift list for all your wishes
Kidshop offers you the possibility to create your gift lists for free thanks to our partnership with the Ookoodoo service.
To create your list, simply click on the «Add to my wishlist» button on any of our product pages, as shown in the image below. Then simply follow the instructions.


fiche produit Kidshop


Once your list is created you will just have to click on that same button to ad all the products you want into your list.


What are the benefits compare to a traditional list?
We chose Ookoodoo for the real added value it brings to you.
The service is:
- Totally free
- Customization
- With or without contribution

But the main difference with a traditional list is that, if you do not find all the products you want on Kidshop, you can still complete your list with products coming from any other e-commerce sites.

Making your list really personal and unique with all the gifts you've always dreamed off.


liste de naissance Ookoodoo et Kidshop


Once created, your list can easily be shared with your friends and family via your favorite social networks or via email. You have available personalized gift cards that you can send to your relatives to let them know about your list.

No more disappointment, you only receive what you really want!


liste de cadeaux Ookoodoo et Kidshop


How to create your wishlist?

  1. On each product page of our Kidshop site, you will find a button called «Add to my wishlist». When clicking on it, a new window will open. You can now proceed to create your multi-site baby list. The Ookoodoo service allows you to create lists for any life occasion : " Leo's baby list", "Dady's Christmas list", "for the birthday of our little one"...
  1. You can then add to your baby list all the products you like with one simple click on the «Add to my wishlist» button. Fulfill your list when you want whenever you find a new product you like.
  2. Share it with your friends by email, Facebook or Twitter. By visiting your list, they will be able to reserve the products they would like to offer you when clicking on the product in your list, they will be redirected towards the product page of the site where you took the product from.

Want to know more about the Ookoodoo wishlist

How to ad any product from any site?
The Ookoodoo service allows you to fill in your list from any eCommerce sites thanks to a little button that you can add to your browsers' bookmarks.
With a single click on this button you will be able to ad any product from any site into your list.

Bouton ookoodoo
How to get the "My Ookoodoo list" button?